30 Years of Service from the Cass County Choppers Team

Ron Mirick has worked in the manufacturing industry for over 37 years. He has been developing and engineering industrial parts for the last 20 years or more. At the age of 16, he started working for his father doing parts manufacturing.  

Ron has said that his greatest pleasure is starting with a raw piece of metal and molding it into a useful product. He likes to watch that cold block of steel change into a finished product that was once just an idea on paper. With 20 years of engineering behind him, he considers himself to be extremely good at taking parts from a blueprint to the assembly line. 

Ron decided to branch out from his industrial manufacturing background and with only $4,000, Cass County Choppers came to life.  In October, 2015 feeling he needed to devote his knowledge and skill set to his own company in a full-time capacity, Ron left employment with his father. 

Ron and the employees of Cass County Choppers derive great satisfaction knowing the trike kits we produce are giving new life to bikes that may not otherwise be ridden.  We hear regularly the excitement from our customers and their families that a loved one can ride again, enjoys riding again, or has gotten the trike they have always hoepd for.

We hope we can serve you soon and get you on the road with a new trike!

Reasons why you should choose us:

  • 30+ years of knowledge and experience

  • Master machinists and designers on staff

  • 100% Made in the USA

  • Nothing is outsourced, all made in-house

  • Amazing customer service

  • 1 Year unlimited miles warranty on parts and craftsmanship
  • Fast turn around time
  1. Custom Made Trike Conversion Kit
  2. Cass County Choppers Custom Conversion Kit
  3. Motorcycle containing Cass County Choppers Custom Conversion Kit

Our Team

  1. Headshot of Chief Executive Officer Ron Mirick
    Ron Mirick
    Chief Executive Officer
  2. Over-the-shoulder picture of Chief Financial Officer Gerri "GiGi" Mirick
    Gerri "GiGi" Mirick
    Chief Financial Officer
  3. Headshot of Master Motorcycle Technician David Fette
    David Fette
    Master Motorcycle Technician
  4. Headshot of CNC Machinist Spencer Eller
    Spencer Eller
    CNC Machinist
  5. Headshot of CNC Machinist Chad Byers
    Chad Byers
    CNC Machinist